Dance and Movement

This group is all about getting people moving. Some people might dance or play skittles; others may do well just to place a hoop on a peg. As with other groups, activities are tailored to individuals’ abilities.

Movement to Music

We have consulted professionals to devise a series of exercises to music that can be done sitting in an armchair. Many of the exercises are designed to maintain or improve stability and dexterity. We like to start our sessions with these as they are a good warm up. Using props such as balls and scarves in the routines adds interest and keeps the session light hearted.


All the community units we visit have a great selection of games to play, including skittles, hoopla, metallic darts and basketball. Clients are encouraged to have a go and are assisted as required. It’s surprising how competitive some of them are!

What Do Volunteers Do?

To start with you’ll probably just want to go along with more experienced volunteers, see what it’s all about, and join in as you see fit. Volunteers usually sit with clients and join in the exercises; encourage people to take part; reassure them; repeat instructions; pass out and collect equipment; keep score; and assist less able clients. If you’d like to lead sessions, let the team leader know and she’ll help you put together a session which you can run with other volunteers. Any ideas you have to expand our repertoire or improve existing activities will be seriously considered.

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